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About Aluminum Dumpsters.com

Headquartered in Largo, Florida our manufacturing and service facility services clients throughout the south east and the state of Florida as well as servicing clients nationally. Aluminum Dumpsters.com a Priority Welding Company has built a reputation for fabricating and manufacturing expertise and product innovation. Privately held, Aluminum Dumpsters.com is one of the only manufacturers to offer a full line of Aluminum products to collect, handle and transport just about any type of waste and recyclables in the state of Florida.

Why are our Dumpsters Special?


All Aluminum construction


Quality aluminum dumpsters made from high grade materials. Lightweight and easily movable.


Our Dumpsters are built to last for decades, not just a few years.

No Rust

Our Aluminum Dumpsters outlast steel dumpsters three times longer with little to no maintenance.

Our Size Options

We have all your standard sizes for Rear and Front load dumpsters. If you have a particular or custom size need for your facility, Please call us today and our Professional staff will be more than happy to help you with your dumpster needs.

Rear Loader


Common sizes

  • 2yrd Dumpster
  • 3yrd Dumpster
  • 4yrd Dumpsters
  • 8yrd Dumpsters
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Front Loader


Common sizes

  • 2yrd Dumpster
  • 3yrd Dumpster
  • 4yrd Dumpster
  • 8yrd Dumpster
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Aluminum Dumpsters are built to last with all aluminum floors, sides and pockets along with fully welded in-seams. Additional features include a natural rust-inhibiting material inside and out for improved durability. Aluminum Dumpsters has a full line of dumpsters and the ability to custom fabricate dumpsters to meet your needs.